There is not a human being on this earth who will go through life without emotional pain or anger. This is the human condition, that we will suffer. Yet we’ve learned that pain and anger need not destroy our lives. These emotions can be harnessed and used to enrich our lives.  We need to make every moment count, even when we are hurting inside. Anger need not turn into suffering. You can have anger and hurt and not let it destroy what you want your life to stand for. You can live your life with dignity, meaning and purpose.


Some examples of common ways that internal feelings of anger manifest as outward behaviour:


  • Arguments

  • Passive-aggressive behaviour (internalized anger)

  • Road rage

  • Workplace conflict

  • Sporting incidents

  • Public violence

  • Destruction of objects and property

  • Domestic violence: emotional, psychological, and physical



These expressions of anger vary in degrees of intensity and aggression, but they all have one thing in common: they have the potential to destroy our reputation, damage professional relationships and deeply hurt the ones we love.


My goal is to help people get their lives back on track and out of the anger trap.  Teach you how to bring acceptance and compassion to your anger, pain hurts and your thoughts- and how to extend acceptance and compassion to others in your life. By changing your response to triggers that make you feel angry and change the way you behave when you’re angry. Learning to approach your anger with acceptance and compassion will make all kinds of radical changes possible. You don’t have to act on your anger, and it doesn’t need to drive what you do. You can learn to watch your angry feelings and resentful thoughts and not do what they tell you to do. Looking at your life and what matters most to you is what will really help end your struggle with anger and pain.



Man Shouting
Women angry

Anger management counselling

I tailor one-on-one sessions for those who are seeking to participate in an anger management counselling. 

Helping you to understand the anger from the Inside Out


  • Becoming aware of the effects anger has on your life

  • Recognizing anger at the moment

  • Taking care of your body

  • Limiting your contact with anger-provoking situations

  • Mindfully attending to your experiences

  • Communication breakdown

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