Adjusting to change can be a difficult time for anyone, even positive life transitions tend to cause some stress. They can be predictable - such as leaving school, getting married, having a baby, but they can often be unpredictable - such as moving, an accident, death, separation, losing your job due to COVID-19 or health changes.

There are changes in our lives that rearrange our world like the Death of loved one or pet that change the way you see everything. There are wounds in this life that hurt immensely that you can eventually be overcome. The reality of grief is different from what others see or guess from the outside.

Another change that is painful is when your relationship breakdown or ends, you may feel like your world has fallen apart and that you will never recover or find another partner. Or maybe you are in a relationship that is not healthy you feel like your trapped, not being heard or support or your partner may be abusive or violent or is controlling whom you see and what you do.

These changes can often impact on our mental health leaving us feeling flat, anxious, and stressed. Difficult changes can influence personal growth and deal with a change successfully may leave one stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what comes next in life. Most importantly when you go through transitions you evolve into who you really want to be. 

Counselling is where we create smooth and lasting changes in your self-esteem, and relationships, by learning to navigate change and obstacles in life. Teach you how to bring acceptance and compassion and learn the skills and strategies to calm your mind and feel at ease with your new stage of life and build healthy relationships.  

Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself empowers you to bring your true most authentic self-expression to your relationships. Instead of sacrificing your truth, squashing your inner voice, or succumbing to other people’s values.


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