MHFA Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

What is non-suicidal self-jury

’Non-suicidal self-injury’ (NSSI) describes the behaviour when a person deliberately or purposefully hurts themselves. It is used to refer to self-injury that is not intended to result in death. Let's breakdown the stigma of self-harm and gain a better understanding of Mental Health with Mental Health Training.


An Australian national survey in 2008 found that 2.6% of people aged 10 or over had engaged in non-suicidal self-injury in the past year, and 8.1% had done so at some point in their life.


Course overview


  • Facts and figures of NSSI

  • Look at why do people self-injure?

  • Signs and Symptoms

  • Learn the 3 key actions for NSSI

  • Learn the 3 key actions for suicide

  • Practice skills


What includes:

Course Handbook

Morning Tea

Participation Certificate

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