Nina Sawyer

MSW, BAppSocSc (couns)

Welcome to Hope and Grow

I help people to make a difference in their lives and build their self-esteem, by focusing on their values and strengths; so they can have a meaningful life, with lasting relationships and fulfilling life.


I believe in educating people about the impact mental health has on peoples lives. With a strong belief in the importance of early intervention.

A life Transition can bring lots of different feelings and emotions, some may be very joyful while others may be very painful and challenging. Adjusting to change can be a difficult time, even positive life transitions tend to cause us Stress, Anxiety, Grief, and Sense of Loss.

Like many people, you might find that you overthink things or become overwhelmed with the situation or you find that your mind does not STOP!


I can help you learn to navigate these changes and obstacles in your life, so you can move forward and learn the skills and strategies needed to calm your mind and feel at ease with yourself and build your self-esteem. 

My goal is to help people where they are at

  • To get your life on track 

  • To teach you how to bring acceptance and compassion to your life situation, 

  • How to extend acceptance and compassion to others in your life.

  • Changing your response to triggers that make you feel angry, sad, or anxious.

  • Help you to discover your values and achieve your personal goals. 

  • Take charge of your life today and attain emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • To build stronger relationships 

  • Finally to educate people about mental health

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 Location: 5/242 Princes Highway

Corrimal 2018

(upstairs through the black door, next door to CPAP shop )

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